Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dell Good - Toshiba Bad


My Dell 2001FP LCD decided it wanted to be a Viewsonic VX800 LCD, with a 1kx768 resolution.  After mucking about with it and trying it on 3 different computers, my wife suggested I call Dell for support.  I gave her a "yeah, right" look since I've had the LCD for nearly 3 years (and I was sure that Dell didn't change over to 3 year warranties until after I purchased it). 

I called them up and after a short wait on the phone, a nice Indian support rep took my call.  I explained my situation, he asked a few questions, and put me on hold to talk to his supervisor.  When he came back he said they'd send me a replacment LCD!  I was stunned.  He said it would arrive by Wednesday ( it was Saturday), I said thanks and hung up.  I told my wife, she just said "see". 

On Tuesday, FedEx stopped by twice to get my LCD delivered.  I hooked up and everything's back to normal.  It was a refurb, but hey, it works great.


My M400 has had a video problem since I got it back in March.  I sent it in over the summer for repair. It was gone for a week and when it came back, they'd replaced the LCD panel but that wasn't the problem.  The first time I flipped the screen to tablet mode, the problem returned.  I sent the it back in on a new "express" service ticket on September 8th, they received it the 11th. 

It's been on hold at the depot twice, waiting for parts, first on the 12th for one day, and then on the 13th for part "402C", which it is still on hold for!  I called 2 days ago and explained that I only have one tablet PC and normally use it everyday for work.  The rep said he'd talk to his supervisor about it and asked me to wait 24hours for the part to come in and another 24 hours for shipping. Sadly, we're still waiting for 402C. 

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