Monday, August 6, 2007

VPC 2007 Console disappears

I know this has happened before, since there was at least one post in the MS Virtual PC newsgroup and now its happened to me.

When you start VPC, the VPC list or console shows up in the taskbar but not on the screen.  Somehow the console location in the options.xml file gets some really funky numbers.  Mine were somewhere in the 4million range.  Changing these numbers back to 10 and 10 restores the VPC list back to your screen.

These folders and files are hidden, so you will need to go into the Tools-->Folder Options of Windows Explorer/My Computer and show hidden files/folders in order to make these changes

In Vista, the options files is located here:

C:\Users\%current_user%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Virtual PC

Find the console section and change the left and top positions to 10 each...

   <height type="integer">256</height>
   <left_position type="integer">10</left_position>
   <top_position type="integer">10</top_position>
   <visible type="boolean">true</visible>
   <width type="integer">367</width>

In XP, the options.xml file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\%current_user%\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC

%current_user% would be the user name that's currently logged in, i.e. if you're logged in with the Administrator account, your path would be C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC

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Posted by Aaron  on Monday, April 23, 2007 14:24 | #
Oddly enough this just happen to me also. Not a lot of info on it. Thanks for the post.

Posted by Chuck Beckett  on Sunday, April 29, 2007 00:13 | #
Just what the doctor ordered! I'd re-installed, gone thru REGEDIT, without fixing the problem until I read this. Thanks!

Posted by Gavin Lawrence  on Monday, May 14, 2007 19:41 | #
Thank you so such, I just went through several reboots and a re-install which didn't fix the problem... ...the above was exactly what had happened.

Posted by daska  on Friday, August 10, 2007 09:48 | #
windowsXP doesn't allow me to save the file. It says file already exists. I try to overwrite the file but write fails. What could be wrong? Thanks, Daska

Posted by Geoff  on Friday, August 24, 2007 12:40 | #
THanks!! just happened to me a matter of interest was anybody running synergy too? thinking this may be a possible cause

Posted by Tom  on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 21:29 | #
Thanks for the post! This really helped...

Posted by Dawn  on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 13:01 | #

Posted by Justin  on Monday, January 21, 2008 23:09 | #
This also works for XP Pro SP2. The default location was set to 4294935296 for left and top. Very strange. I haven't really dug into it yet but I assume it has something to do with the second monitor that I have configured. Thanks for this hack.

Posted by Ruben  on Friday, January 25, 2008 03:08 | #
Many thanks!!!

Posted by pete  on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 09:51 | #
thank you for this! Just what I was looking for.

Posted by Daniel  on Thursday, February 14, 2008 05:40 | #
Thanks for the post, I was going nuts with this...

Posted by Andre  on Saturday, February 16, 2008 13:39 | #
Thanks! This totally fixed my problem. For me, the environment variable you posted, %current_user%, did not exist. However, the standard %userprofile% did. So my path was "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml".

Posted by Mike  on Sunday, March 16, 2008 23:21 | #
March '08. Just happened to me under XP, after months of running fine. Can assure you it has nothing to do with Synergy or a setting up a second monitor: I have little running on the machine and made no changes from day before yesterday, when it was okay. Remember back in the mid nineties, when people used to say, "Well, it's Windows." Or, "Well, it's Microsoft." Well ....

Posted by Paul  on Monday, April 7, 2008 07:26 | #
I thought I was going to have to rebuild my whole bloody virtual machine. Thanks heaps.

Posted by Ivan Radisson  on Sunday, June 22, 2008 13:08 | #
There's a better way of doing this: Right click the program on Taskbar, pick Move then use the AltGr key along with either the mouse or cursor keys to move the window back into place. You dont have to thank me for this solution. I actually got it on the web a couple of months ago.

Posted by Steve  on Monday, July 14, 2008 19:09 | #
Andre, I'm aware of that fix...I was one of the first to post it in the VPC newsgroup as a solution, but a lot of users have problems with this combination. The registry fix always works and is easy to explain.

Posted by jfiess  on Thursday, January 15, 2009 16:48 | #
Thanks a Mil!!!! And thanks to Bo Berglund for the referall here. (

Posted by urs  on Monday, September 7, 2009 09:41 | #
You saved my day!

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