Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dont buy Toshiba

Well, if you want anything from Toshiba, you need to talk to their Customer Relations group.  They don't have a direct number, you need to get passed through from Customer Service or Tech theory. 

I haven't yet spoken to them about my M400.  Yesterday I spent over 3 hours on hold trying to get through to them.

Call 1:  45 minutes in the CR queue until I was disconnected

Call 2: 65 minutes in TS/CR/TS queue and I ended up back speaking to a TS level 1 rep

Call 3: 22 minutes in queue, until TS called back on my other line saying we were disconnected and he connected me to the CR queue again.

Call 4: 66 Minutes in CR queue, promptly disconnected at 4:19pm

Call 5: Angry now, I demand to speak to a TS sup and not be put on hold.  On hold for 5 minutes until supervisor comes on and apologizes and tells me that I should call back tomorrow since the CR department closes in 20 minutes. They are open from 5am to 5pm PST.  He also changs my incident to high-priority from low...supposedly, they'll call me.

I also got the Depot number, 502-961-1800, and spoke to them directly, ETA for the part is 10/10/2006, almost a full month from the date received. 

Unfortunately, my case is not unique.  Forums around the web are filled with horror stories of the lack of support from Toshiba and the Customer Relations dept.  This guy with an M400 had an even worse situation!

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