Motorcycle Pics...

Here's a start.  I was thinking about posting some pics and I realized that I've never actually taken any pictures of my Italian lady.  So after being with her since September 17th, 2001, I've finally taken some pictures of her.

She is a 2001 Infinity Blue Aprilia RST 1000 Futura, Serial # 000021 for California.

I was supposed to get a Flame Red one, but an unnamed Aprilia dealer no longer in San Mateo, sold mine after promising he could get me another red one...he couldn't!  There were no more in California.  So now I need to convince my wife that when I happen across a used Flame Red Futura I need to pick it up.

Can you guess where I live?

Simply beautiful!

April, Suzie and Jason

My Futura, my Bandit, and college friend from MN

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