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Virtual PC 200x for Windows

Virtual PC 2007 now available

Virtual PC 2007 Tech Ref v0.5 (PDF)* It's finally started!  Includes Windows 98/NT/2K/XP installation instructions, CentOS install and other tips.

*Please right-click and select "Save As" to save a copy locally.

Virtual PC Version Numbering (About Screenshots 2004-2007 PDF ):



VPC 4.x For Windows (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.31, 4.32)

VPC 2004: Build 582

VPC 5.x For Windows (5.0, 5.1, 5.2)

VPC 2004 SP1: 5.3.582.27

CNTX/MS: VPC 5.2 (Rebranded for MS)

VPC 2007:

VPC 2007 SP1:

Plan on using Windows 95 with VPC 2007?  Make sure you get or keep a copy of the VPC2004 Additions.  No Windows 95 VM Additions are included with VPC 2007.  See more details here: Why won't the Virtual PC 2007 Virtual Machine Additions load on Windows 95- -VPC Guy Ben Armstrong, VPC Program Manager, explains in his blog.

Extracting files from the Virtual PC installer-How to get the Win95 VMA if you've already uninstalled VPC2004

VPC2004SP1 Additions Download--If you can't them anywhere else, here's a ZIP. This is a 12MB file, please don't download it more than once.

Installation Screenshots

Windows 98 ready VMC and VFD: Partitioned and formatted, includes a Win98 EBDJust add your Win98 ISO/CD-ROM, License key and go. (If you have VPC7, use the one in the Mac section)


Win98 EBD, .VFD, .VMC, and .VFD zipped

Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disk (Win98EBD (ZIPped) - just the VFD

VPC FAQ *Updated March 26, 2006

VPC-Win 5.2  Tech Ref v1.3 (RARed PDF or ZIPped PDF)*  Its full of relevant info for VPC, while I wrote it for 5.2, a huge amount of it is directly, or almost directly usable with VPC2004.  Please note that some modification necessary to use guides for VPC2004, for example, VPC2004 does not create pre-formatted disk images so you must pre-format a Win9x/DOS VHD before you can install the OS.

Compare my Differencing Disk diagram (p18 in the TechRef) to the one in the Virtual Server Admin's guide (under Using Diff. Disks).  (My original Word doc of this was created Dec 10, 2002 ;-) )




Virtual PC 4/5/6/7 for Mac

MS is ending VPC-Mac's long and thanks for the memories!

IMPORTANT!! VPC for Mac does not work on Intel Macs

Windows 98 Ready VM for VPC7, similar to the one for VPC200x above.  You need a Windows 98 CD and license to finish the install (The VM is configured to boot to C:, and has CD-ROM drivers already loaded for a pain-free Windows 98 install)  This won't work with the Win98 included with older versions of VPC.

VPC 7 Screen Captures  - a picture says 2^10 words...proof positive VPC7-Mac works

Garmin and VPC Configuration Info-please don't email me or the author of this for tech support, as you won't receive it from either of us, this is provided as a reference ONLY.

VPC 6-Mac--OS Installation Guide (PDF)*

VPC4 to VPC6 Info(Word DOC) Migrating from VPC 4 to VPC 6.

Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disk (Win98EBD) as referenced in the VPC6 PDF(

Virtual PC 5.0.4 Updater - (.sit format) this requires an earlier version of VPC5 installed.

Virtual PC 4.0.2 Updater - (.sit format) this updater requires an earlier version of VPC4 to be installed.

If you need the 5.0.4 or 4.0.2 updater, I suggest you download it and archive it (i.e. burn to a CD-ROM or two, etc.) now, as they could be removed at any time for copyright issues.

Using Windows from VPC6 with VPC7 (PDF)

 VPC 200x Precompactor.exe to zero VHD before compacting (ZIP) --Use instead of Eraser, extract the zip file and run in Windows after you defragment and before you compact.





Virtual PC (Mac&Win)/VS - General

Emulated Intel 21140a Drivers (Intel 21143) --DOS Drivers are here! *Link to Intel's Website*

( DOS drivers == NDIS2 Unified 21xxx driver v3.0 )

Novell NetWare Installation Notes (PDF)**

For NW6.5, you don't need to modify the DC21X4 Driver files in the unsupdrv folder on the cd-rom, it was done by Novell, but apparently you need to do a manual installation and allow unsupported drivers to be installed.

Windows 3.11 S3 Video Drivers referenced in the Tech Ref(

VPC 2004 Precompactor.exe to zero VHD before compacting (ZIP) --Use instead of Eraser, extract the zip file and run in Windows after you defragment, and before you compact.

Linux Additions for Virtual Server Now Available for download - these have been reported to work under Virtual PC for Windows as well.



Virtual Server 2005/Hyper-V

Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Enterprise Edition Now Free!

Windows 2008  with Hyper-V now available.

Hyper-V Server is now free as a stand-alone product

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) now available

Linux Additions for Virtual Server Now Available for download

Sample Scripts from previous releases of Virtual Server

HowTo: Enable VMRC/Disable 15 Minute Idle Disconnect ( PDF - text only - with screenshots )




Virtual PC 5.2

VPC-Win 5.2  Tech Ref v1.3 (RARed PDF or ZIPped PDF) - full of relevant info for VPC, while I wrote it for 5.2, a huge amount of it is directly, or almost directly usable with VPC2004. 

Linux & BSD Timesync (TXT instructions)(RAR)

*This does NOT work with VPC2004*

Windows 3.xx Mouse Integration

*This does NOT work with VPC2004*



VM Ware

VM Ware Workstation- VPC's main competitor, the perfect choice if your host OS is Linux or BSD based, 6.5 now available.  I like it, especially when using Linux VMs.

VM Ware Server - Free full version 2.0 now available! 

VM Ware Fusion - Intel Mac VM offering, now in Beta!

Run-Virtual - VM Ware employee's blog




Parallels Workstation 2.2 $49.99

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Intel Mac is now available $79.99!!

Review -- First impressions (Parallels 2.0)




WinImage -- (THE utility for working with VPC/VS VFD and VHDs!)  If you like it, buy it and support Gilles!

WinRAR -- (used to extract RAR files)



Other VPC Websites

Virtual PC Guy's Weblog - VPC Program Manager Ben Armstrong's blog, full of useful info on VPC and VS

Robert Moir's FAQ and Website -- VPC for Windows/ VPC-Mac/ PearPC

Jonathan Maltz's webpage-Awesome list of what does/doesn't work in VPC 2004 (Over 1400 OSes listed)

MacWindows - support for running Windows on Mac, not just VPC specific



VM (Virtual Machine) Sites

Virtual-Strategy Magazine - the source for virtualization technology news - The blog about virtualization technologies, products and market trends.  Lots of links to other virtualization blogs too.



How to get help with VPC/VS

VPC's Own Help files.  It's one of the most overlooked resources and is full of answers to almost all the common questions.

microsoft.public.virtualpc  Microsoft's public and FREE newsgroup for VPC 2004

microsoft.public.mac.virtualpc Microsoft's public and FREE newsgroup for VPC 5, 6, 7 for Mac

microsoft.public.virtualserver Microsoft's public and FREE newsgroup for Virtual Server

Microsoft Product Support -- more info on contacting Microsoft support



Other Emulators

Innotek VirtualBox – VPC’s spiritual successor!  Free VM software

Want to run DOS games in VPC, try DOSBox instead.

Q - Universal Binaries for Mac

bochs -open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator, generally requires tweaking and compiling

PearPC - Exciting Open-source PPC emulator allowing you to run OS X in Windows

Want more info on Mac OS emulation?  Check out




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